Seat & Seat Buck (1)John was up at ARRK a couple of weeks ago which gave us both the opportunity to try the revised seat buck. We are both around 5' 11" and after folding ourselves into the seat, we both agreed we had the optimum back angle and profile that gave us just enough clearance for our heads with lid, best vision, best package for the thighs to wheel, and knees to chassis. Have to say it is a tight fit! Read more..

bodyshell-assembly-and-door-bucks (1)We did the first body assembly with the wheels and tyres last week, and the fit looks very good to the tyres. The fronts are nicely centralised in the arches, and the rear Michelin 335 / 35's are looking slightly low to where my CAD models predicted.....a tad to close the wheel arches! But the rear arch is approx 10mm to low, so that will improve the clearance. Read more..

Chassis-Rolling-Chassis (3)We have a rolling chassis! After 4 years and 2500 plus hours on CAD, it was very satisfying to eventually sit in the rolling chassis! We also weighed the chassis at this stage and 398Kgs.Next steps are to get the bodywork positioned correctly to the wheels, and then we will set-up datum fixing points for the shell, so we can remove and refit repeatable. Read more..

Wheels - Front 1st Assembly (2)Front wheels had their first fit today. Again bearings fitted without any issues into the uprights and then the stub axles assembled into the uprights without any issues. And then the uprights were re-assembled to the suspension and wheels fitted. Read more..

Wheels - Rear 1st Assembly (1)Eventually after 1 year of developing CAD models and having wheels, uprights, wishbones, stub axles (and many other parts) manufactured......we completed the first assembly of the rear wheels to the chassis Friday! Read more..

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