Headlamp covers. Well I tried calling my local Motor Factors, but they didn't list headlamp covers for 917's....couldn't understand why not. So rather than wasting time trawling the net for someone that might have a pair on a dusty shelf, I went back to my scanned bodyshell which had the headlamp rebate scanned.

And from the scan of the rebate and body, I was able to develop a headlamp cover surface which blended to the body and fitted the rebate. Then designed a set of templates at 75mm pitch which are bonded to a flat profile of the base. Terry built the template bucks, and we offered them onto the lamp aperture. The templates were approx 10mm oversize, due to my surface model being to the A-Surface edge of the rebate, so we needed trim approx 10mm trimming from the outboard side. I will now update the CAD to the revised template sizes, and Terry is going to make a pair of hardwood bucks.

We will take a 1 layer splash off the bucks, and do a final check for size, and then the buck is going to Paul at Plastics4Performance to mould a pair of clear PEPG lenses. We will use these until Paul has made the high temp mould from which he will manufacture E-marked Polycarb lenses. Complicated process but we will have moulds to make more lenses.

Headlamp Cover Design with the CAD

  • Headlamp-template-drawing
  • LHS-headlamp-template1
  • LHS-headlamp-template2
  • RHS-Headlamp-CAD-model
  • RHS-Headlamp-CAD-templates-2
  • RHS-Headlamp-CAD-templates

  • RHS-Headlamp-scan
  • RHS-headlamp-template1
  • RHS-headlamp-template2

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