We have wheels! We collected the first set of rims from Creasey castings today, and they look just ace. Can't believe that I actually have my first set of 1-Piece centre lock magnesium rims. Been 14 months since I measured that original 917 rim in Detroit in Jan 2014.

The first 2 images below are of the CAD models, and then the rims for comparison.

And the last image, is of the hugh lathe that Kev and his partner have machined the rims on! Popped in to see him when I collected the rims, and he was able to work directly from my CAD models, with a couple of minor tweaks.

These rims are 8.5" front and 14" rear for the road version, and now have to order the road legal Michelin SB tyres. These Michelins tyre were originally only for the track, but are now road legal. And I can recall being told that I would never be able to get road legal tyres for 15" rims!

Completed Wheels

  • First Completed Wheels 001
  • First Completed Wheels 002
  • First Completed Wheels 003
  • First Completed Wheels 004
  • First Completed Wheels 005

  • First Completed Wheels 006
  • First Completed Wheels 007
  • First Completed Wheels 008
  • First Completed Wheels 009
  • First Completed Wheels 010

  • First Completed Wheels 011

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