From photos of the originals, and based on the suspension original geometry, I developed 3D CAD models of the uprights to replicate as closely as possible the original designs.

I had to revise certain aspects to adapt to an available lower front ball joint. Also revised the internal design to accept 1-Piece dual race Porsche competition wheel bearings, rather than inner and outer taper roller bearings used on the originals.

These CAD models were then sent to a small company in the Isle of Man (Kiartys) to be machined from solid billets of EN AW-6082 which is an excellent alloy to suit a road and track applications, see the link below for the full material spec.

Also I had the front and rear suspension packages run through CAE, to check for any weakness in my designs. This high lighted some weakness in the lower front wishbone, so we revised tube thickness and added flitches to improve structure.

This summary was quick to write, but in reality to develop the upright and suspension CAD models and drawings has taken around 6 months of evening work...... And machining these 4 uprights was not cheap! So fingers crossed it all fits together ok!

Suspension Uprights

  • Suspension Uprights 001
  • Suspension Uprights 002
  • Suspension Uprights 003
  • Suspension Uprights 004
  • Suspension Uprights 005

  • Suspension Uprights 006
  • Suspension Uprights 007
  • Suspension Uprights 008
  • Suspension Uprights 009
  • Suspension Uprights 010

  • Suspension Uprights 011
  • Suspension Uprights 012
  • Suspension Uprights 013
  • Suspension Uprights 014

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