Eventually I have completed the fuel tank design again with great support from Alex at Pro-Alloy, and now ready to be manufactured The tank body will be fabricated using 2mm thick S1C Aluminium alloy with formed and TIG welded corner joints as appropriate. Internally the tank would be installed with Type IV Polyether fuel tank safety foam to a minimum fill of >80%.The tank will have the standard Pro-Alloy 3 valve internal anti surge fuel collector assembly would be mounted centrally inside the tank against the rear face. And I will be using twin external Bosch pumps.

The tank also has a 3mm protective plate secured to the upper rear edge, and located into a channel on the support frame. This is to protect the tank from being punctured if anything comes off the front of the engine. I can add an extension to this to cover the upper area of the fan if necessary.

Have managed to keep the original filler position which runs into the top corner of the tank. Capacity is 59.5 Litres, which should give me between 250 miles (at 20mpg), or closer to 300 miles if on motorways.
Have an IVA compatible filler with lockable cap, but will design a bespoke 917 style dummy cap to sit over this. And thought I had better check that the tank can be assembled and removed with the engine fitted. As I need to remove the tank before I can remove the engine and box! But the assembly study looks ok.

Fuel Tank Design, text and CAD images

  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-1
  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-2
  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-3
  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-4
  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-5
  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-6

  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-7
  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-8
  • 170105-Fuel-Tank-image-9

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