140314RRphotofromLaura2reducedwebRace Retro, where to start. First I would like to extend my thanks to Mike (John’s son) for committing to transport the chassis and body to and from Race Retro. Without his trailer, getting the chassis and body to the show would have far more difficult. So after spending the necessary time making sure the chassis and body were well secured to the trailer, we headed out from the ARRK workshops around mid-day.

After fighting the traffic on the M25 and the M1, we eventually arrived at Stoneleigh at 4.30. And quickly realised we were one of the last exhibitors to arrive. But we quickly unloaded, and rolled the chassis with front and rear body onto the stand. This was directly opposite the McLaren stand. So although an expensive pitch, have to say it was a great location. Eventually finished setting-up around 9.00, and headed-off the B & B in Warwick.


Homebrew 917 goes public at Race Retro.

Wow Race Retro, where to start: Well let’s start with the 3 weeks before; which I have to say were very hectic. So what did we manage to do in the 3 weeks before, well see the list below:

 1 Complete the initial designs for the 964 engine and inverted G50 gearbox mounting cross members and the mounting brackets for these to the chassis, completed in Catia. And then have a set laser cut.
 2 Then have both the engine and gearbox mounts these tacked together. And have the chassis mounts tacked to the chassis, in preparation for the first engine fitting the week before Race Retro.



Original Article first appeared at on 20th December 2013. Written by Dan Trent. See original article.

homebrew917-pistonheadsPHer buys 917 bodyshell, cracks on with building the rest himself

'Hi Mr Editor' began an email arriving in the PH inbox this morning. "You may recall back in early August 2011 a rather negative article on your website about a 917 bodyshell for sale."

Uh-oh, who have we upset now...

Reading on it turns out not to be an angry email but in fact a fascinating one. You can read that original story here but the basics were that a fibreglass Porsche 917 bodyshell from a mould taken from David Piper's (yes, him) original car was up for sale. And we suggested that the best use for it might be to turn it upside down and use it as a canoe. Ahem.


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