We made the decision early on that we would strip and rebuild the engine virtually as standard, with the aim of seeing if we can persuade a 964 air cooled engine to meet 2016 emissions.

This is plan A, and we know this will be a major challenge. But if we can meet the latest emissions for IVA then I can register the car as a new build using the Icon name, so this prototype would an Icon 917K, Chassis No 1.

But if we cannot meet the 2016 emissions, then we will resort to plan B. Which is to use the 1992 964 donor log book, as using the engine and box from the donor. Then we just have to meet 1992 emissions. The asset of this I will have (again assuming I can meet all the IVA requirements) a road legal replica 917 registered on a Porsche log book.

Engine Rebuild

  • Barrels-and-pistons-fitted-with-chain-reduced
  • Barrels-and-rings-reduced
  • Block-assembled-reduced
  • Block-with-pistons-reduced
  • Blocks-barrels-heads-reduced
  • Crank-and-oil-pump-fitted-2-reduced

  • Crank-and-pistons-reduced
  • Crank-cases-assembled-reduced
  • Crank-fitted-1-reduced
  • Crank-fitted-3-reduced
  • Half-crank-case-reduced
  • Heads-and-barrels-laid-out-reduced

  • Heads-x-6-reduced
  • John-fitting-the-engine
  • Pistons-and-barrels-laid-out-reduced
  • Pistons-fitted-reduced

917 Sub Sections

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