Doors....... Been meaning to post these CAD images for a while. The replica's I have seen don't do the doors correctly, as the doors only open to around 75/80degs. And then they have a support stay to hold the door open, and at 75/80degs or... so, it also makes ingress and egress difficult. The original doors open to around 115 / 120 degs, so this is what I wanted to be true to the original and to make ingress / egress the same. Take a look at the photos with the doors open, and see how close they are at the centre when open together, and also how close they are to the body when open.

But to set this up, proved more difficult than I anticipated. As the hinge line is the key, and getting a hinge line that achieved 115degs without the doors hitting each other when both opened, and that they remain clear of the roof and wing was very tricky. But I eventually found a location that achieved all the requirements, even if they are only 5mm clear of the body!

Also I have designed hinges that replicate the original. So that all that remains now is to the manufacture the door frames (which John is doing) get the front body finally positioned, make the hinges, and see if I have got the designs right..

Door Hinges & Tubes CAD Development

  • 001-doors-open-FV
  • 002-doors-open-FV2
  • 003-doors-open-RV
  • 004-hinges-and-hinge-line
  • 005-inboard-hinge
  • 006-outboard-hinge

  • 007-door-and-support-tubes
  • 008-Inner-roof-door-hinge-brkt
  • 009-Outer-door-hinge-brkt
  • 010-PV-of-door-and-support-tubes
  • 011-SV-of-door-and-support-tubes
  • 012-True-vew-from-below-door-and-support-tubes

  • 013-View-from-below-with-door-hinge-brkts
  • 014-View-from-front-&-below-door-and-support-tubes


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