Have uploaded 6 photos of the completed pedals and pedal box. We looked at buying a Tilton pedal box, but the design of the 917 chassis precludes fitting an off-the-shelf pedal box, as the pedals are mounted to a base plate. But with the 917, the base of the pedal box is the chassis itself.

Additional the pedals on the Tilton don't look anything like the original 917 pedals. So I have designed the pedals and pedal box to fit directly into the chassis and look like the original. The only difference is that I need a hydraulic clutch for the G50, rather than cable operated, so have a clutch master cylinder. But if anyone wants to fit an original Flat 12 engine and box, I also have the designs for a cable clutch version.

The pedal box and pedals are all laser cut from T515 sheet, with phosphor bronze bush mounting to the pivot tube. And Anthony at ARRK has done an excellent job of fabrication.

I have had CAE run on the fabricated brake pedal, to make sure it can withstand jumping on it! But ultimately we may cast the pedals at a later date, if we manufacture more than the first 2 cars.


Pedal CAE Pedals and Pedal Box

  • 001-pedal-box
  • 002-pedal-box
  • 003-pedal-box
  • 004-pedal-box
  • 005-pedal-box

  • 006-pedal-box
  • 007-final-pedal-box
  • 008-pedal-box-for-CAE

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