The jig was designed with 2 major frames, and a total of 18 Cross-members to support the tube supports. The main lower frame is steel box construction, on 4 wheels. The upper frame or chassis manufacturing frame is constructed in aluminium to reduce weight, as this section of the jig can be rotated to various angles up to 90 degs, allowing easy access for welding the underside of the frame, without removal of the chassis from the jig.

This upper frame has 18 cross-members, each of which supports a varying number of the tube vertical supports. And generally all major chassis tubes, have 2 supports to allow accurate location. Each cross-member had the tube support plate mounting block holes NC'd in position. This is to ensure the all tubes would nest accurately and the chassis would build to within 2 to 3mm regards tube location and 1 to 1.5mm for suspension mountings.

And to insure that the aluminium upper frame remains parrallel, I had 3 intermediate box frames made, which have height adjustment to level the upper frame. These are positioned approx 25% 50%, and 75% along the jig and once adjusted insure the upper frame is level and no sag.

Chassis Jig Design

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