SMALL 917brands paddockhill rainThe inspiration behind rebuilding this iconic car stems back to a wet Sunday afternoon in early 1970 when both founders of Icon-Engineering (Dave Eaton and John Hartland) watched the BOAC 1000KM at Brands Hatch to witness Pedro Rodriguez win by 5laps. Dave loved F1 as a teenager, but the sports cars of that time (Porsche 917, Ferrari 512, Matra MS670, Alfa 33, LolaT70, Ferrari 312P, Chaparral 2F to name a few) and the drivers that drove them, (Rodriguez, Siffert, Elford, Redman, Piper, Ickx) were his real heroes.

Some 35 years later, during a visit to Australia, Dave saw the LMK’s in person and thought to himself 'I can design and engineer one of these in CAD'. But the true catalyst behind the build happened 4 years later in August 2011 when a visually correct bodyshell of an original 917 appeared for sale on Pistonheads. At the time Pistonheads suggested it could be turned upside down and used as a canoe! But Dave had other ideas. 

Dave, now know by the Pistonheads community as 'the idiot that bought that shell', embarked on designing the complete chassis and every other part of the car in CAD and it was shortly after buying the shell that a long-time friend of Dave's and Supercar Technician & Engineer John Hartland called for a general chat, during which Dave dropped into the conversation “guess what I’ve bought!” To which John instantly replied “I want one as well!”

From that point onwards both Dave and John have been “joined at the hip” with the same passion, to have two (what we like to call) 917RSK’s to drive around the tracks that we watched our hero’s race around as kids. The rest they say regards Pedro’s drive that day, and to a far lesser degree this project is history!


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