OK so the originals didn't have to worry about a handbrake, but for my project an essential item if I'm going to get her through the IVA. I have already packaged the HiSpec Rear Calipers with the extended centre frame which mounts the handbrake spot caliper, so next job in the cockpit was to package a handbrake.

I first looked at packaging out board of the driver seat, but insufficient space for hand access and have the shifter running through this area. So had to package between the seats, and need to access with the belts so, so went for a handbrake that sits at approx 40 degs in the off position, moving to approx 70 degs when on, and this gives an almost straight pull with the belts on. Only minor issue was I have had to design a 20mm recess into the passenger seat to allow package of the mounting brackets. And the mounting brackets are integrated into the seat mount. So fingers crossed it's ok with the IVA.


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