Our choice for brakes is HiSpec based in Dartford. The reason behind using HiSpec, is that they are used by Radical and of excellent quality. HiSpec were able to supply me an Igs model of the radially mounted RR132 6 pot caliper, specifically adapted to suit the 300mm diameter x 32mm wide disc. The 300mm diameter is the maximum we can package within the original 15" diameter wheels.

Having the CAD model of the caliper, enabled me to package the caliper accurately within the rim, and ensure that I have correct clearances caliper to rim and disc. The original 917 calipers were lug mounted, and this is how I have designed the upright with lugs to keep it looking accurate to the original. Then I designed an adaptor bracket to mount the radilal caliper to the lugs.

We aim to use the same caliper front and rear. But to satisfy the requirement for road use, we need to mount a spot caliper to the rear caliper or upright.


  • Adaptorbracketinside
  • RR1324point5mmrimwith300mmdisc
  • RR1325mmto300mmdisc
  • RR1325mmto300mmdiscupr
  • Radialadaptorbrkt7mmthick

  • Uprightradialadaptorbrkt
  • Uprightwithlugs

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