Original advert from eBay:
A complete Porsche 917K (short tail) bodyshell comprising the complete front and roof, bonnet, doors, rear tail deck and sills. Taken from original 917 mould, this is complete with correct wheel arch louvres, nostril openings, roof vent, window apertures, NACA ducts, n/s door pillar extinguisher button and door catch depressions and headlamp housings.
This is not a dummy kit car look alike item but an accurate and usable bodyshell that would make a stunning road or race car, or just a static display, and is of the Kurz or short tail version that was featured in the film "Le-Mans" with Steve McQueen. I believe this is the first and only complete 917 bodywork ever to be offered for sale. It is one of two bodies that i have, the other being somewhat cut about as i use it for building up or as spares for my existing race car and the only reason it is for sale is to help fund an expensive race engine rebuild.
This is relisted due to a rude and complete time waster who bid, messed about with telephone calls, did not pay and then tried to doubt my ownership as a pathetic excuse.
I will give the successful bidder full receipts and guidance on construction on this rare to find item and can be contacted on 07748461053 ONLY if you are serious and not a time waster. I will accept cash on collection or cheque(once funds have cleared). UK bidders only please.

Pistonheads Article on eBay advert: Click here to view the original article 
You Know You Want To... Porsche 917 Bodyshell Replicas. Are they a chance to taste an otherwise prohibitively expensive motoring experience, or just the sacrilegious work of the devil? That debate will run on forever, but the fact is that whether you lust after a Cobra, a Diablo, or even an MGTF, there are ways of getting into something which will at least look (and sometimes even sound) like the car you dream of, but for a fraction of the cost.
'Don't you have anything better to write about?' was the immediate response from esteemed car broker and the man who assembled the knee-weakening Gulf Collection, Adrian Hamilton, when I asked him what he made of this bodyshell. His response summed up how some people feel about replica cars. He asked me the starting price, and when I replied he paused briefly before adding 'I'd rather buy a new typewriter.' Not one for the purists then...
The vendor of the car (and owner of the John Wyer-Gulf Oil liveried car in the background), however, has been racing his 917 replica for five years and loves it. He made two replica bodies from David Piper's chassis #10 917 to supply repair sections for his racing car, and this one is now surplus to requirements. But, assuming that you don't have a replica 917 which needs replacement body sections, what would you do with it?
You can buy replica 917s like this, which come painted and fully assembled aside from an engine and transmission. This car is built in South Africa by Bailey Edwards and will cost approximately £60,500...plus shipping...plus duty...plus VAT...which leaves you to supply and fit the running gear and source a set of tyres (they're delivered with only used racing slicks.) But of course, even they already come with their own bodyshell...
Trevor Williams, who runs TWR replicas had an idea. He reckoned you could take the body off a 911, turn the engine around and mount it further forward (the 917 was, of course, mid-engined), flip the gearbox upside down, and then mount the 917 body on the 911 floor pan - which is apparently how some 917 replicas have already been created. Mind you, you'd still have no windscreen, other clear plastics, interior, electrics etc...and even if you sourced all those bits you'd still be running a flat six engine as opposed to the correct flat 12.
Original Porsche flat 12 engines do still change hands...apparently for around £250,000 a throw...minus transmission, although an Australian company has built a Porsche flat 12 out of two flat sixes, but that'll still be on the expensive side.
Sadly, it looks like buying a 917 bodyshell and then building a car around it isn't as easy as it sounds (And it doesn't sound all that easy - Riggers). But there must be something you could do with it - turn it upside down and make a canoe, perhaps?

Hi Mr Editor: My email to Pistonheads 2 years after buying the canoe!
You may recall back in earlier Aug 2011, a rather negative article on your website about a 917 bodyshell for sale, see the attached word doc. Well I'm the idiot that bought that shell. And to quote Piston Heads "Sadly, it looks like buying a 917 bodyshell and then building a car around it isn't as easy as it sounds", is very true. But I knew what I was getting into, and how to design and build a high quality replica.
So that is what I have been doing for the last 2 years, designing and engineering the rest of the car within the shell. The motivation for doing this, well I was at Brands on that wet day when a certain Pedro Rodriguez won the 1970 BOAC 1000kms by 5 laps in, as you know a 917. The skills to take on this project, well I'm an professional automotive design engineer who contracts to the Ties 1's and the OEM's. And currently writing this email from Motown, where I have been for the last 8 weeks sorting a VP build for Ford. I own and use Catia, and that is the perfect tool to design a full tubular chassis. Oh yes, I'm also a petrol head as also own an Espada (early S2) and a Montreal.
I have attached a couple of photos, to show what stage I'm at, chassis CAD designs (in Catia) are almost 100% complete, and the first chassis is around 90% complete. I have designed everything the main jig, suspension jigs, and then the full tubular chassis, all the suspension geometry and brackets etc. The chassis is virtually 100% correct to the original. But the first chassis is T45, where as the originals were ally. Next chassis may be ally.
Still have a way to go, BUT mark my words, this replica will be completed, and will be to a high quality. And the intention is to IVA it, and be road legal. But will be running 964 engine and box. But I (with a partner in the project) have the skills to design and engineer a modern air cooled flat 12 (and not 2 sixes stuck together), but at this time cost is the limiting factor. So first I need to sell a few flat 6 based cars.
If Pistonheads are interested, I have a 60 slide ppt that documents the project so far. And perhaps instead of driving a 911 down to le Mans for the possible Porsche versus Ferrari re-run, you could be driving a road legal UK engineered 917 replica.
As the Bailey Edwards is a great car, but 50% square tube and the bodyshell looks good, but on detail inspection not the correct is shape. That is what appealed about this shell.....a splash from an original, Pipers car. 100% visually correct.

Pistonheads article text in reply to my email: Click here to view the original article
'Hi Mr Editor' began an email arriving in the PH inbox this morning. "You may recall back in early August 2011 a rather negative article on your website about a 917 bodyshell for sale."
Uh-oh, who have we upset now...
Reading on it turns out not to be an angry email but in fact a fascinating one. You can read that original story here but the basics were that a fibreglass Porsche 917 bodyshell from a mould taken from David Piper's (yes, him) original car was up for sale. And we suggested that the best use for it might be to turn it upside down and use it as a canoe. Ahem.
Well, the author of our email, a chap called Dave Eaton, describes himself as "the idiot that bought that shell" and then goes on to detail his ongoing project to build a chassis for it. This becomes more credible and interesting when you learn Dave is apparently an automotive design engineer working for various OEMs and currently in Motown working for Ford and with his own industry standard CAD equipment. He also owns a Lamborghini Espada and Alfa Montreal and has had a bit of a thing for the 917 since witnessing Pedro Rodriguez winning the 1970 BOAC 1000km in one at Brands Hatch, as per the lead image.
Having designed himself a tubular chassis he describes as "virtually 100 per cent correct to the original" on CAD he's built it out of T45 cro-moly steel. The next will be aluminium and he admits he still has some way to go to achieving his dream of building a road-legal 917, powered by a flat-six from a 964 era 911. That's obviously six cylinders down on the proper 917 but such trifles don't seem to bother our man, who with a partner in the project reckons he'll be able to engineer a proper air-cooled flat-12 of his own. This won't, he's at pains to point out, be "two sixes stuck together." He's planning on selling a few six-cylinder cars to fund this next step in the project, which appealed to him more than the Bailey Edwards replicas already available because, as he puts it, the shell he bought is "a splash from an original, Piper's car, 100 per cent visually correct."

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