Homebrew 917 goes public at Race Retro.

Wow Race Retro, where to start: Well let’s start with the 3 weeks before; which I have to say were very hectic. So what did we manage to do in the 3 weeks before, well see the list below:

 1 Complete the initial designs for the 964 engine and inverted G50 gearbox mounting cross members and the mounting brackets for these to the chassis, completed in Catia. And then have a set laser cut.
 2 Then have both the engine and gearbox mounts these tacked together. And have the chassis mounts tacked to the chassis, in preparation for the first engine fitting the week before Race Retro.
 3 Complete the initial designs of the 917 pedal box, pedals, and clutch foot rest completed in Catia. Again have the pedal box tacked into position, and the pedals tacked together and assembled located into position.
 4 Tweak the steering column brackets to compensate for the revised pivot point of the centre of the lower column UJ.  Then have the revised brackets laser cut, and tacked into position.
5 Assemble the excellent Titan bespoke rack (made to our design direction) and an initial solid column with lower UJ and FIA spec quick release coupling, and steering wheel. And check alignment to CAD, which was within a couple of mm’s!
6 Assess different concepts, and then design an initial concept for mounting the inverted G50 to the 964 block.  Manufacture proto components, and do the initial assembly of the inverted box to the engine, which went very well.
7 The final and most major achievement was to drop the engine and box into the chassis to check that the engine and gearbox mounts are correctly positioned. This involved the removal of the replica 917 FIA roll bar.
8 To facilitate this exercise, the now unused G50 rear tail mount had been cut-off and the gearshift shaft also shortened. The engine and box had to mounted at an appropriate angle to allow the box under the engine bay rear frame (positioned exactly as per the original 917 engine bay), and then swung the mounting cross members on to the chassis mounts.
9 And it dropped straight in, requiring only a couple a minor adjustment: 5mm to the left required to centralise the gearbox, pull the front of the engine up 18mm to improve ground clearance, and drop the rear down 15mm, to align the driveshaft’s to their design position.
10 Then it was time to drop the body on to the chassis for the second time, after it had come back from having the body moulds manufactured. This required some minor repairs and touch-up, but considering that the full body moulds had been taken, the original shell came back in remarkable good condition.
11 As with the first assembly of the body, it fitted perfectly and the only tube that required moving in the first assembly was welded into the revised position 10mm rearwards, to clear the deep return flange on the lower nose.
12 The only aspect we did not manage to complete was getting the 2 Tillet seats (one with 38deg and the other with 55deg) fitted. As we wanted to allow potential customers to try the cockpit for size. But in hindsight I feel that not having the seats at the show was a positive move.
13 As we spent the 3 days of Race Retro from doors open to doors closed discussing the project, and not even an opportunity to remove the rear body section!

Next update will be next week, and we will summarise the reaction from Race Retro, and our plans and timing for taking the project forward.

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