Well, we have taken the plunge and booked a stand E24 between the Porsche Club, Quaife Engineering, and Joe Macari! And below is the text that the LCC posted on their Facebook page on 28th November. The show has been expanded this year to include an Historic Motorsport show.


One of the latest wonderful beasts to join the #LCCS2017 ranks on the show floor is Icon-Engineering's meticulously faithful recreation of the legendary Porsche 917-21.

David Eaton, who helms this project, dreamt back in April 1970 at the age of 13, after, as Ian Wagstaff called it 'a wet day in England,' that a 917 would one day be his own. He was witness to one of the all-time greatest wet-weather drives by Pedro Rodriguez in the BOAC 1000kms – victorious and five clear laps from none-other than 'Quick' Vic Elford!

Not being a rock star or financial whiz-kid, but an automotive design engineer with 35 years’ experience, David reasoned the only way to own such a machine was to recreate his own. And, by now, he and technical partner John Hartland have invested five years into the project – reverse engineering the icon.

The body was formed from moulds taken from David Pipers 917-10, which were acquired in 1970, meaning it's absolutely faithful to the original 917k.

His ultimate intent is to get IVA and road legality on this prototype, and then to build two or three road legal and/or track cars per year. In David's possession are moulds for the body shell, seats, dashboard and all the other GRP components as well as a complete design in CAD. 'I can revise the models as necessary to create a Steve McQueen or a Le Mans-winner recreation, or road legal but track-able machines,' said Eaton. 'The original Flat 12 engine is also compatible.


Tickets for the show can be purchased here... http://lccs.seetickets.com/tour/the-london-classic-car-show-2017 

917 Ready for the London Classic Car Show

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