I had a big push leading up to the London Classic Car Show in late Feb, to get the oil cooler, oil tank, fuel tank, sill stowage bins, battery tray and the original rear stowage bins designed, manufactured and fitted. These were all manufactured by Pro Alloy, who I must thank for the detailed feedback on all the designs to optimise the for efficiency and manufacture. The quality of their welding is stunning!

Also did the first fit of the door windows, headlamp covers, headlamps, rear lamps seat belts and several other items. We have added a few photos of our London Classic Car Show stand taken before the doors opened on the Thursday Gala evening. Very hectic 4 days talking to many people about the project and the many engineering challenges. Such as chassis manufacture, replicating the magnesium rims for road legal tyres, windscreens for road legality, and the many issues involved with gaining IVA approval.
And had 2 high points from the show. The first was having a lovely chat with a certain David Piper and his wife. During which we discussed why he took moulds from 010 (for the 1970 Le-Man's winner replica), and that the bodyshell I had bought also came from those moulds. And thus confirming the reason why I immediately bought it back in 2011, because it looked so accurate to the originals! David was also very complimentary regards the build in general, making the 5 year reverse engineering journey very rewarding. Now we need to finish it, get road legality, and drive it down to show him!
The second high point was Dick Crosthwaite (of Crosthwaite and Gardiner) dropping into the stand for a 20 minute chat on the Sunday morning. Again he was very complimentary regards the build and especially the 1-piece magnesium wheels which we had to design and manufacture to specific widths to fit road legal tyres. And he extended an invitation for us to visit the factory.


The London Classic Car Show

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John Hartland my partner in the 917 project received an interesting call on April 4th from the Goodwood Festival of Speed team. They had a problem........the Central Feature was to be a display of 6 Iconic Porsches for their 70th Anniversary.

And the problem, was that they could not source an original Porsche 917 for the display to display alongside the 5 original Porsches. Now 18 months ago when we displayed at the London Classic Car Show, unknown to John and I, our project was viewed by one of the Duke of Richmond's top advisors. And the message taken back to the Festival and Porsche teams was that our Icon 917 was the most authentic replica / re-creation under development. So when faced with all the original 917’s either being raced at the Le Mans Classic, or to be available to go up the hill, they approach John and I to ask if we could kindly loan my prototype to go some 35m up in the sky on the Central Feature!

This was a massive accolade and recognition of the last 6 years work and there was no hesitation, well perhaps 30 seconds for this request to sink in! But then I had a major problem.....door locks, rear body latches, rear wheel arches, windscreen, engine floor, Flat 12 fan cover and fan etc. All these items either needed sourcing, or designing, then manufactured and finally fitted before delivering to Goodwood on Friday 22nd June!

Oh yes and we needed to measure the track widths rim positions, so that the fabrication company could make the mounting plinth, as the car only had one chance to fit the plinth to meet the extremely tight timing plan for the assembly of the display. The project manager visited me to take measurements and discuss any other safety concerns, like no door latches, and an additional strap to clamp the rear body down to the chassis. So what followed the initial approach from the Goodwood team was 6 or 7 weeks of flat-out preparation by myself. Including at the request of Porsche to have the car wrapped in Gulf colours! So this is how our Icon 917K has changed from the Porsche prototype colour of Grand Prix white to Gulf colours. But It will be returning to white at the next event we attend.

Goodwood were fantastic, John and I were invited down to witness the loading of the car onto the spider arm, and 1 week later to view the lift of the spider with 6 cars 35meters into the air to be mounted onto the central spire. They gave us tickets to the Grand Ball, the Drivers Club, and general admission for the families.

2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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After 4 weeks flat-out work by John we just managed to get the Icon 917K prototype to display at the Brand Hatch Festival of Speed on 2nd Sept. In the previous 4 weeks John had plumbed the oil, fuel, brakes and clutch systems. Also fitted the crank and cam sensors and throttle cable, and a host of other snagging jobs completed. Alex my transport driver collected the car at 22.30 on Saturday evening from John's workshop and delivered it to Brands the following morning around 7.00am.

Was worth the effort as the weather was great and the car received huge attention. 

2018 Festival of Porsche

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Another event we were invited to display our Icon 917K was the NEC Classic Car Show 9th, 10th, and 11th November 2018. Nick (the Pilkington Classic's MD) displayed our screen at the London Classic Car show 2017, and then called mid-September and asked if we would like to display the car on the stand at the Classic Car show in the NEC. And of course the answer was yes, as Nick gave me great support during the reverse design and engineering process and then manufacture of our windscreens.

Our Icon 917K as usual created huge attention for our project and of course Pilkington, and John and I spent the 3 days discussing the project with hundreds of enthusiast.

2018 NEC Displayed on Pilkington Classic Stand

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