Headlamp covers. Well I tried calling my local Motor Factors, but they didn't list headlamp covers for 917's....couldn't understand why not. So rather than wasting time trawling the net for someone that might have a pair on a dusty shelf, I went back to my scanned bodyshell which had the headlamp rebate scanned. Read More...


Steve Tillet had developed the driver's seat for me, based on our 40 deg seat buck, and his seat is perfect. But the passenger seat had to now fit between the optimized driver's seat position and the inboard chassis tubes.. Read More...

White 9

But we did make a BIG step forward over the Le Mans weekend.... the body shell came back painted in the early 70's Porsche colour of Grand Prix White. The front section is now fully glassed onto the chassis and screen hoop, and the doors and rear body have their support tubes all glassed to the body. Read More...

Body gaps being set-up for paint 3Next major step after having the chassis painted, was to start the final fit of the bodyshell to the chassis, for what I hope will be the last time. As the doors and rear body have the support tubes glassed in now, and this is the final fit to set-up the all the panel gaps, before we glass the front onto the chassis....and then paint the body.

Rolling chassis with me for websiteA major step in April was to add most of the final brackets to the chassis and then sending it away to be painted. I went for paint rather than powder coatings, because this being the prototype we will need to add more brackets and possible make some more revisions. And easier to re-paint local areas

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