Suspension-the-magic-2300 (001)We have posted some of these photos previously, but have now added a new section showing both the front and rear suspension assemblies together, as last week we made the first front and rear suspension assembly.

Click here to visit the newly added Suspension Measurements the magic 2300mm section for more info and images


First Completed Wheels 005We collected the first set of rims from Creasey castings today, and they look just ace. Can't believe that I actually have my first set of 1-Piece centre lock magnesium rims. 

Click here to visit the First Completed Wheel page and view images

Suspension Uprights 001From photos of the originals, and based on the suspension original geometry, I developed 3D CAD models of the uprights to replicate as closely as possible the original designs. We have now fitted  

Click here to visit the Suspension Uprights page for more info and images

Click here to visit the Suspension Upright and Suspension Assembly page for info and images

Wheel Model Development 001We have added a new section called Wheel Model Development. In this section we explain the history behind finding an original 917 wheel to measure!  

Click here to visit the Wheel Model Development page and view images

Wheel Machining 001First set of machined rims, 8.5" front and 14" rears, to take road legal tyres. I will add a detailed post of the wheel design and development next weekend..

Click here to visit the Wheel Machining page and view images


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