2019-classic-car-show-1 If you're looking for evidence of how skill, determination, relentless enthusiasm (and an understanding family) leads to great things, look no further than the spectacular dream-to-reality story of Dave Eaton and John Hartland. Seven years after design engineer Dave started creating his childhood fantasy of owning a Porsche 917, here on the Grand Avenue, running in public for the first time, is the result... the ICON 917K. It is a road-legal, truly authentic, and fanatically-built evocation of the Porsche that took the endurance racing world by storm. Read more...

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John Hartland my partner in the 917 project received an interesting call on April 4th from the Goodwood Festival of Speed team. They had a problem........the Central Feature was to be a display of 6 Iconic Porsches for their 70th Anniversary.

And the problem, was that they could not source an original Porsche 917 for the display to display alongside the 5 original Porsches. Now 18 months ago when we displayed at the London Classic Car Show, unknown to John and I, our project was viewed by one of the Duke of Richmond's top advisors. And the message taken back to the Festival and Porsche teams was that our Icon 917 was the most authentic replica / re-creation under development.

So when faced with all the original 917’s either being raced at the Le Mans Classic, or to be available to go up the hill, they approach John and I to ask if we could kindly loan my prototype to go some 35m up in the sky on the Central Feature! Read More...    


lccs I had a big push leading up to the London Classic Car Show in late Feb, to get the oil cooler, oil tank, fuel tank, sill stowage bins, battery tray and the original rear stowage bins designed, manufactured and fitted. These were all manufactured by Pro Alloy, who I must thank for the detailed feedback on all the designs to optimise them for efficiency and manufacture. The quality of their welding is stunning! Read more...


We have taken the plunge and booked stand E24 at the London Classic Car Show. Situated between the Porsche Club, Quaife Engineering, and Joe Macari! The event promises to be bigger and better than ever. 



Oil Cooler arrived today, and beautifully manufactured by Pro-Alloy with great support from Alex, but the major question is does it fit. If it doesn't it will be my fault as made to my CAD drawings! So with some trepidation I unpacked the cooler, and dropped it into the nose..... And it fitted perfectly... Read more...

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